August 14, 2004

What's brewing at Barista?

Just read this on Rediff, 'Tatas to sell off stake in Barista'. Being a Barista loyalist and connoisseur of coffee, that makes a hell of a difference to me. From what I learn here, one of these things are likely to happen:

a) Tatas offload stake on to Sivasankaran
b) A foreign company (speculations are on for Starbucks) buys the stake

Now personally speaking, and after discussing with Kshitij, I think I'd rather prefer Sivasankaran buying it out fully. Per Kshitij, "they'll (Starbucks) obviously kill Barista...if they buy it... like what HLL did to Dollops by Cadbury's...when they wanted to get Walls here". I agree.

Besides, Starbucks coming in independantly with it's own signature line of coffees would be much more umm... refreshing!

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