April 19, 2007

Welcome to the Global Village

It’s funny how the world keeps shrinking – mine does for sure!

4 years back, I made an online friend Nick Gray. Before coming to India in 2004, he sent me a photo-essay of his daily routine in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, this webpage also had a girl with a big grin saying a digital hello to me – Megan Scheminske. Before I knew it, Nick was in Mumbai, we became the best of buddies and then he was gone – back to the US of A.

Cut to today. Megan is now in Mumbai living with us while traveling across the country (even as I type this, she’s basking in the sands of Goa with Akshay and friends!)

Now here's the irony of the global village. I met Akshay Mahajan, who stays in Bandra - through Nick! So after meeting him when Nick was here in 2004, I only met him next at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2007 and now with Megan around. Ironical? Funny? Welcome to Life 2.0!

This is what I love about the web, online communities and blogs – it creates such a strong borderless community that it really doesn't matter where your friends are. You almost always know what they're upto!