September 01, 2004

She loves me, she loves me not

Nah forget that silly game, try this one instead: It's called 'Petals Around The Rose'. Apparently Bill Gates tried it. It's a logical game, I could even write down the code. My tip: Don't think too much. If y'ask me, it's a test of your lateral thinking. Call it a mind puzzle if that sounds DeBonoish.

I cracked it in 10 minutes without cheating or Googling. What's your best time?

Oh and yes, one small thing - mute your MIDI channel, the music makes your mind go number. Dah! Another pun. I gotta stop being corny. Which reminds me...

Gautami's list of changes I gotta make to myself
1 - Stop being shallow (What, me shallow?)
2 - Become more serious and be responsibile (Hmmmmmm)
3 - Stop discussing personal life with others (OK. Done.)
4 - Narrow down on only 1 girl I really really like (Do I have to?) :(