February 15, 2007

Take My Breath Away (not!)

I'm not gonna forget this year's valentine's day I think - it took my breath away - literally. Persistent cough for 4 weeks coupled with carrying the last box (~30+ kg?) 4 storeys up all led into major bodyache, a sore chest and flu! So I was in bed all day holding on to dear heart and wishing no one tries to steal it this year. As this pretty lady seems to be emoting in this lovely pic captured by her dad Yogi "So thats what all the brouhaha about V-Day is? Bleh!" Post scriptum: I'm not dead yet. :)

February 12, 2007

Escape Madness - Be a nomad!

That's not the title of my newest t-shirt (iPaad is!).

It's my motto for this year. Travel like there's no tomorrow. The global warming folks are already freaking the planet out, my doctor's telling me I've got some bronchoblah and work is the last thing on my mind. So the only thing that I'm seriously serious about right now is exploring the planet and let the prophets romance the skeptics.

Here's a *very* optimistic travel schedule I want to try n stick to...
(work, finances and health willing)

March: Bhutan
June-July: Eurotrip or Maldives
Aug-Sep: 2 months in Ladakh filming a documentary (sponsors welcome!)
Nov-Dec: Rajasthan and Gujarat (tentative)

Hmm... that sounds too optimistic, n'est-ce pas? :) There's always Goa and Bangalore to fill up the gaps!