February 26, 2008

Sex on a plane

Writing this blog post in the middle of watching a movie...

My grandma is sitting behind, knitting a sweater or something, and pauses to ask me what movie I'm watching, hearing all the dramatic noise.

"Sssnakes on a Plane" - I speak too fast usually, so I make sure I am audible and clear

Granny mumbles something and asks me back - "Snakes or Sex?"

I skip a heartbeat. "Snakes, snakes!"

February 23, 2008

A new perspective to photos

I recently installed this Firefox plugin called PicLens and I'm simply loving it!

What it does sound pretty simple, but looks pretty amazing - click on the bottom left corner of any photo in a photostream on Flickr or Facebook (or any other photo page) and the next instant you see a 3D carousel view of the same!

Yeah you've probably seen it earlier, but the great thing here is it activates it for any darn web view and I don't surf Flickr without PicLens anymore!

Give it a shot - and watch it pimp it up! Also available for IE, Safari and desktop view.