September 05, 2006

News that stung my heart

There are 2 types of people - those who are passionate about whatever they do and love doing it. And there are those who do things because they have to do them.

I've always respected the former kinds - although very rare, especially when it comes to doing something good. So when I just read about the death of Australian TV star and wildlife lover, Steve 'Croc Hunter' Irwin due to a stingray's barb directly into the heart, I felt very sad - yet happy for Steve for never giving up what he loved and dying doing what he loved most. I'm not much of a TV person but I've managed to catch a show or 2 of his, and what a pleasant change it was from the usual crap you get on the tube. Reality shows which suck, saans-bahu climax dramas and traumas and all that junk!

Anyways - hats off to the man and may his soul rest in peace.

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