April 29, 2008

IndiBlogger Meet Mumbai Q2-08

This Sunday I went for my first IndiBlogger meet. IndiBlogger is an Indian blog directory and I had never registered on it, so it was a good excuse to do so, too!

The planning and agenda seemed very professional, and the venue was the Kohinoor Hall opposite Siddhivinayak temple - also a good thing, so the line-up looked very impressive. I didn't know what to expect, but was looking forward to some fun, meeting interesting new people, pimping my blog and not sleeping through my Sunday :)

After the formalities and intros, it got more participative. I like meets to be participative - its boring to listen to one person all the time, even if that person is me (hell I'm a Leo, I'm supposed to love the limelight!). Everyone had a one minute of fame and folks were out-funning and out-performing each other with their stories. Noteworthy mentions:

"I write about good parenting.... no I'm not a parent" - 24 yr old Ronak, who looked younger than 20.
"I started blogging when I was feeling lonely. It's helped a lot. Blogging is a very emotional thing for me!" - Anjuli
"Hurr hurr!" - Abhishek
"I think I should start a sex blog" - Clement

Then came the skit. I found this a nice little addition - the story was simple, but the team did a great job putting it together and playing it out to us. Kudos, team IndiBlogger!

After a pav bhaji and ice-cream break, there was a talk by Microsoft on Windows Live Writer for bloggers, SMSGupshup.com and Ronak on professional blogging.

All in all, it was a good mix of planned stuff, impromptu stuff and fun stuff - while getting to meet a bunch of interesting peeps. What else do you expect from a blogger meet?! See you guys next time!