October 31, 2007

A Tale of 3 Cities

I love all 3 cities - Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa. So it's natural that I land up blogging about things about these cities. Here's a list of the kind of searches which landed some folks (like you) on my blog recently. If you're new to any of the 3 cities and can't find an answer, shoot me an email or drop me a message here. Would be happy to help.
  • beautiful pictures of goa beach
    Ah, there's loads of them on Flickr. Mine are here.
  • mumbai domestic airport
    Looking for the name of the company that build it? GVK. Here's my post.
  • local specialities in bangalore
    bisi bele bath, chow chow bath, maddur vadas, mysore pak... See Burrp! for reviews
  • best juice centre in bangalore
    Tough one. I'd say the one on St.Mark's Road, opposite State Bank. Juice Junction?
  • bus mapusa to arambol
    ... costs around Rs.12, takes about 40 mins. Very picturesque!
  • lhomen tours
    Wonderful tour operators in Bhutan. I highly recommend them! Ask me for the contact.
  • switching to cfl
    ... is a good thing for you economically and environmentally. Just dispose them safely.
  • malai translate into english
  • kshanbhar vishranti photos
    Sorry, none. Here's a scan of their card. Fab halt on the Mumbai-Goa highway for a delightful bite.
    Kshanbhar Vishranti - Contact Card
  • best beach shack in baga
    Tough one. To each their own. Find your spot.
  • mandrem beach hut resort
    You're looking for Riva Resort. Fantastic location and view. Reasonably priced.
  • amoeba in leela palace bangalore
    Fun place. All of Church Street is! :)

October 08, 2007

Fashion Sense + Civic Sense

The weekend gone was a fine blend of the fun and the serious. Checked out the Chivas in Fashion Tour at the ITC Grand Maratha on Saturday, followed by a promising and charged up meet with fellow Facebook citizens of Mumbai for making the city a better place. Here's the lowdown.

Chivas in Fashion Tour
Classic Kaushal style, I reached the show mid-way - so I missed the first part by Wendell Rodrigues, but still managed to check out Malini Ramani, Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi's collection. Now, let me first tell you that I'm not a fashion critic, but as I told a lady friend at the event "Since you women complain a lot about us men having no fashion sense, I decided to make it here and change that". With that disclaimer, I now present you with my expert comments...

I really liked Malini Ramani's collection - bright colors, sporty and yet, very stylish - it had a great, fresh appeal to it. Oh and the models carried them off phenomenally well. Khanna and Gandhi presented mostly evening wear and club wear in rich dark fabrics.

Photos by my friend Nishant Desai. He takes up photography assignments.

My Mumbai

Last week, a fellow trekker sent me an invite to join this Facebook group. The mission statement read "My Mumbai aims to raise environmental awareness amongst the citizens of the greater Mumbai community, by actively involving them to work towards a cleaner and healthier environment".

Since I identify with, am appalled and feel I should do something about such issues myself, I decided to attend the first meet, which saw a bunch of us young Mumbai citizens perched in the founder's living room and bombarding problems and solutions for improving living conditions of the Mumbaikar (begin small, dream big - as one of the participants Jeet says). It was amazing how well the time was managed, taking each aspect separately and thawing it up - right from how this organization could potentially launch and shape up to who would take onus of what - and then breaking down to the problems and solutions. All within a matter of, just over an hour. Topics ranged from energy conservation and global warming to garbage disposal and waste management to air and sound pollution and such.

The closing was the most interesting part - we decided to get into action mode immediately! The group dynamics was great and we already seemed to know each other since always. So the next half hour saw us walking down Worli Sea Face, walking up to strangers and talking them into switching to CFL bulbs from incandescent bulbs. At the end of the exercise, we had already made decent progress - from identifying a problem to talking about solutions, to hurdles and potential workarounds. I left knowing well that this was another great Sunday spent productively, creatively and constructively. Cheers and God Speed to My Mumbai!...

... and a Happy Monday to you - have a super productive week :)

October 02, 2007


Seriously - that id is up for grabs! An ex-colleague informed me about the launch of CoolHotmail.com, which if you haven't guessed yet, lets you change your @hotmail.com ID to something funkier like you@clubrajni.com or you@goarocks.com or you@underpaid.co.in or you@bhangrarocks.com while using the Windows Live Hotmail interface!

Like CoolHotmail proclaims... no more same pinch ;)