October 31, 2007

A Tale of 3 Cities

I love all 3 cities - Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa. So it's natural that I land up blogging about things about these cities. Here's a list of the kind of searches which landed some folks (like you) on my blog recently. If you're new to any of the 3 cities and can't find an answer, shoot me an email or drop me a message here. Would be happy to help.
  • beautiful pictures of goa beach
    Ah, there's loads of them on Flickr. Mine are here.
  • mumbai domestic airport
    Looking for the name of the company that build it? GVK. Here's my post.
  • local specialities in bangalore
    bisi bele bath, chow chow bath, maddur vadas, mysore pak... See Burrp! for reviews
  • best juice centre in bangalore
    Tough one. I'd say the one on St.Mark's Road, opposite State Bank. Juice Junction?
  • bus mapusa to arambol
    ... costs around Rs.12, takes about 40 mins. Very picturesque!
  • lhomen tours
    Wonderful tour operators in Bhutan. I highly recommend them! Ask me for the contact.
  • switching to cfl
    ... is a good thing for you economically and environmentally. Just dispose them safely.
  • malai translate into english
  • kshanbhar vishranti photos
    Sorry, none. Here's a scan of their card. Fab halt on the Mumbai-Goa highway for a delightful bite.
    Kshanbhar Vishranti - Contact Card
  • best beach shack in baga
    Tough one. To each their own. Find your spot.
  • mandrem beach hut resort
    You're looking for Riva Resort. Fantastic location and view. Reasonably priced.
  • amoeba in leela palace bangalore
    Fun place. All of Church Street is! :)

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