March 12, 2009

The Pre-Planning

Finally starting to write about my (extended) South America trip. Lets begin from the pre-planning stage. Helps being a designer to create visual itineraries… this is what I cooked up.

Route, Dates and Initial Itinerary


The plan initially was to go through London, stop by and stay with a friend and move on to Brasil > Bolivia > Peru > Ecuador

Route Options & Costs


Made this using a website – I forget the name. Will update this post with it. Fabulous way to map your route, explore flight options and see costs upfront.

Visual Itinerary


This was my favorite piece of inspiration. Before this, the whole trip looked like a dream. Now it had a face. Spent half a day making this, but totally worth it! The dream was taking shape…

Next update: The real itinerary and first week in Brasil!

March 03, 2009

Greenpeace Design Awards 2009

Theme: ‘Be a Part of the Action’
More details here (via Twitter)