December 28, 2004

Tsunami Update

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See pic - the devastation caused by the earthquake+tsunami

Complete details on Wikipedia

What YOU can do about it

December 27, 2004

Terrible tsunamis orginating from a massive earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Ritcher scale lashed the coastal regions of India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka this morning. Terrible, considering most of the people here must be either vacationers or fisherfolk. My heart goes out to the lives of the lost souls. Posted by Hello

December 20, 2004

I wanna Fly away!

Via Rediff, Indian Airlines is offering amazing package deals called Flyaway!

The deal is, you pay a lumpsum 'x' amount, which includes return airfare to your national or international destination, stay in select hotels for that period, breakfast and/or lunch, shuttle service and more in some cases. This is quite a boon, (1) for the special rates and (2) for people with no time to plan their stay or reserve a hotel!

So, where do you want to go today?

December 18, 2004

Digital Inspiration

Fatima Hadi's blog is one of the best blogs I've added to my BlogRolling recently. She's an amazing photographer, brilliant writer and a great person from what I've learnt about her from the blog. More than anything else, it's her attitude which I really liked. Bookmarkworthy!

December 14, 2004

Verse Case Scenario

What do you get when 2 copywriters write poetry about each other? Especially when they're both women? This... Rama on Mandee Mandy There was a girl called Mandy Tall, thin and lanky She spend her days pondering Over a crossword - how daunting She never could complete The puzzle with 2 letter words replete And one day she did About this I don't kid Was it luck, was it karma???? Uh oh, nope it was high-IQ Rama. Everyday from 9.45 to 6 T'was her daily fix. At sharp 6 the bell would ring To her feet it would bring Off Mandy scoots, before you know it A nanosecond late and she throws a fit Mandy's thick lovely mane Was her pride, t'was her bane So one day she chopped it off Yes she did, don't scoff Now she has shorn of her locks To go with her flowery frock Oh she looks just like Aunt Milly Another product of Bori-villy But all said and done our girl Mandy Is cute, funny and dandy She is forthright, she ain't two-faced Let's credit Nik with some good taste So why am I nice? Do you wonder? There is an agenda, 'tis no blunder And its coz I wanna spend New Year In her farmhouse at Bohi-sear Mandee on Rama Rambha Once upon a time on a planet far far away Lived some strange Martians happy and gay Planet earth they all decided to explore So off went a team of Martians four Amongst them was a strangeling called Rama Whos antics were enough to put humans in comma They morphed her into a human face And let her loose upon the human race But one small thing did slip their mind Rama had morphed into 2 creatures combined One was human with IQ 138 One was hammerhead shark that perpetually ate Cuckoo Jaws as she was infamously called Got married to Anand, who she often mauled Poor Anand had to then buy a tranquilizer gun With which he calmed down the shark dun dhana dun! Mandee on Pinchoo Pinchoo Pinchoo Poddar dandiya queen Super hero in between Mirror work cape her deadly weapon Blind villains would then heppen Clickity clack her dandiyas go Frantically giving bad guys the heave ho! But then one day along came the evil cuckoo jaws Thrashing in the sea the hammerhead was A vicious battle between the two took place And Pinchoo ended up with a zit on her face The monster zit resembled the eye Of Sauron that made Pinchoo varry shy But what she didn't know was that the zit Was the source of a super power that made her superbly knit She knitted a net so strong and secure That snagged the diabolical hammerhead for sure Pinchoo Poddar was victorious in the battle And she dandiya'd around cuckoo jaws Making her fin rattle All was well in the world that day Pinchoo Poddar fly away! What do you get when these people know I blogged about them? I don't know, will post it when it happens :)