February 24, 2005

One coincidence too many!

Continuing from my previous post, the short trip to Mumbai was too interesting for one blog post. Landed up meeting 3 people I didn't plan to meet, and thought I'd not meet in a long long time. Ritu Tripathi, a college pal I bumped into at Phoenix; Vivek Bhargava, a friend who runs a new media firm in India and Dubai whom I met at Bangalore airport; and then Alpa, my bhutta-lovin' friend whom I met in Bangalore upon returning. She was here for a grand total of 2 days, en route from Chennai to Mumbai, where she'll be settling for now. Hmm, me and my coincidences. Now I refuse to be amazed. They happen to often.

February 21, 2005

Three Day Adventure

So I went back home this weekend to Mumbai, for taking care of a couple of things and closing some stuff. Both matters taken care of, but boy was the ride back home something. One could actually say I was taken for a ride. My Air India flight was scheduled for a 0130hrs departure, but horror of horrors, the minions managed to do oversales. So some 15 of us were left there stranded, and (leaving the boring and teeth-gnawingly annoying details behind) we were forced to accept the next option - transfer to domestic Indian Airlines and fly the IC 105, at 0630hrs. Hardly caught a wink, but should thank my stars for getting to work on time! The interesting part about this post is it's part of my work - testing the deployment of MSN Messenger alerts :)

February 16, 2005

An open-shut case of happiness

This just dawned upon me, in the middle of a work day, while I was walking up the stairs of my new workplace. Ever noticed that blind people are almost always smiling? Aren't they supposed to be unhappy? Without vision? Or are we blinded by our own vision, making us sad, when we should actually be happy - for what we have. Think about it. Close your eyes, count your blessings and wish you a Happy Wednesday! :)

February 14, 2005

A Hard Kick Goodbye!

A Hard Kick Goodbye!
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On the 9th of Feb, I decided I had done enough Hungama and took up a new job at Microsoft, Bangalore. So my ex-colleagues gave me this wonderful farewell, Hungama style.