August 25, 2005

Indian Idol with idle Indian

Well, OK. That's Sachin Tendulkar with Sagar Karkhanis - the brother, again. Looks like I'm going to have to change my blog theme to his (bro) fansite - the guy seems to be in the news right now! First it was the Mega Bull, now Ace Cricketer, or as he calls him 'Sach-incredible player'. Posted by Picasa

August 09, 2005

Leela Palace, Bangalore

Leela Palace2 Bangalore
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My favorite hotel here. Fabulous picture taken by Jack French on Flickr. What I like here is the overall ambience, 3 sprwaling floors of shopping which includes Amoeba, an entertainment center and Oxford Bookstore. The spa here 'Espa' is out of the world. Leela Palace was not a palace originally, but it is built to look like one. The courtyard and pool inside are oblivious to the main road traffic. You couldn't possibly believe you're in Bangalore once there. Most of my 'good' weekends are spent here! :)

August 04, 2005

Birthday lunch

Superboss strangle
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Sheila is the superboss. This is the pre-cakesmash pic. Now you know why I'm freaking out! In the next 2 minutes I had cake on my face, mouth, neck and uck - hair!

Taken at one of my fave places, Desmond's Restaurant. Highly recommended! Great food, great ambience, super service & special attention from the gentleman owner!

Quarter Life Innings Completed

Just turned 25!

Thanks to everyone who wished me, calls, SMS & emails galore. :)

Got a lunch treat from the team and lots of chocolate in my hair.

August 01, 2005

Mumbai Help Blog

The SWAT team of Dina Mehta, Harini Calamur, Sunil Nair, Peter Griffin, Atanu Dey and others does it again - a relevant resource for all your Mumbai calamity questions and concerns. Check out the Mumbai Help Blog. This is the same team which initiated the Tsunami Help Blog, which inspired me, among so many others to aid tsunami affected.