October 02, 2007


Seriously - that id is up for grabs! An ex-colleague informed me about the launch of CoolHotmail.com, which if you haven't guessed yet, lets you change your @hotmail.com ID to something funkier like you@clubrajni.com or you@goarocks.com or you@underpaid.co.in or you@bhangrarocks.com while using the Windows Live Hotmail interface!

Like CoolHotmail proclaims... no more same pinch ;)


Melody said...

Hello Mr. Karkhanis, was great to meet up with you after so long the other day, we must all meet up more often!

Trust you're doing great!

Kaushal said...

Likewise Mel! met u after months... yepp, lets get together soon sometime :) doing fab. just back from a spunky fashion show by Chivas.

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