February 12, 2007

Escape Madness - Be a nomad!

That's not the title of my newest t-shirt (iPaad is!).

It's my motto for this year. Travel like there's no tomorrow. The global warming folks are already freaking the planet out, my doctor's telling me I've got some bronchoblah and work is the last thing on my mind. So the only thing that I'm seriously serious about right now is exploring the planet and let the prophets romance the skeptics.

Here's a *very* optimistic travel schedule I want to try n stick to...
(work, finances and health willing)

March: Bhutan
June-July: Eurotrip or Maldives
Aug-Sep: 2 months in Ladakh filming a documentary (sponsors welcome!)
Nov-Dec: Rajasthan and Gujarat (tentative)

Hmm... that sounds too optimistic, n'est-ce pas? :) There's always Goa and Bangalore to fill up the gaps!


Sharath MS said...

thats a lot of travelling in one year! just curious about the documentary. what are your trying to cover in it?

all the best in your quest! we'll have to get used to nomadic kronicles :D

Nick said...

How about the Andamans instead of Maldives?

Anonymous said...

hi..am going to Bhutan in April. I checked around and was told, Indian nationals do not need a visa. What information did you get in this regard? Have fun!

Kaushal said...

hey anon - you're right. Indian nationals dont need a visa - you just need to carry a document of identity such as a passport or a voter ID card which authenticates u as an Indian citizen. I strongly recommend u carry a passport - its only for verification. also carry 2 photocopies and a photo of yourself. that's it. you could either fly to Paro via Kolkata or Delhi (around 5K INR) or enter Phuentsholing via the Indian border town of Jaigaon in WB by road. Indians can enter in the daytime without a permit - just walk in - but only once your docs are verified will you get a permit to stay for around 14 days. Let me know if u need any more info.

updated pics on my Flickr.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kaushal..thanks. I got more or less the same info from the Bhutanese embassy last week. Am flying into Paro from Cal (Kol?). Should be there for abt 10 days. And yes, passport in hand.. Have fun on your trek - good weather and good views!

A said...

hey nick is right!
i dont know you but BELIEVE ME anyone who likes to travel MUST go to Andamans befor the crowds spoil it before the secret is out before the airport becomesinternational and the beaches are as filthy as GOA!

Kaushal said...

@ Sharath - Not all things go according to plans :( The trip was preponed and my friends are already in Ladakh right now. I couldn't manage my schedules. They're shooting a docufilm about Ladakhi life.

@ Nick - Great suggestion Nick. Andaman is on my list too, but not this year.

@ Anonymous - Thanks and do share your trip and photos too!

@ A - Haha thanks a lot for the suggestion. I DO want to go to Andamans too! In time... in time... :)

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