December 29, 2006

It's Not About The Bike

3 guys just reached their destination, Haridwar - traveling from Mumbai on a bicycle for a cool 2000 kms! While I can't recollect a single thing I achieved in the last 21 days (the time they took to cover the distance) I'm superhappy for their achievement and promised to join them on their next trip. Yeah, me and my promises :)

Here's wishing hearty congratulations and a fabulous new year to you guys - Prateek, Vinod and Glean. Rock on!

Who are these people and why did they do all this? Check out Life Away From Life or the Google group.


Sharath MS said...

Awesome blog template!

2000kms/21 days on a bicycle is a super achievement.

ankurindia said...

great work ... it may motivate some peoples to use bicycles ...helping world to reduce pollution

Melody said...

Mumbai Blog Open Meet - this Saturday (3rd Feb) - for bloggers, blog readers & friends!

Details on my blog!

gaurijo said...

i totally agree bout the bicycle comment. Wot better way to travel & work out at the same time?

Sunil said...

Wow! Reminds me of a cycle rally in which I had participated in school. Nothing like cycling.

Kaushal said...

@ Sharath - Thanks dude. It's a tweaked version of a template so I shouldn't get all the credit.

@ Ankur - Absolutely! I strongly advocate using fuel efficient/zero fuel transportation. And have vouched to never buy a car (at least postpone it until I truly cant do without one).

@ Melody - Thanks Mel. I'm replying super late and it was great meeting u at the second one!

@ Gauri - :) Yepp! So when you selling ur car n buying a bike? :P

@ Sunil - Cool! Yepp, cycling is so damn fun

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