December 05, 2006

Things I'll miss about Bangalore!

It's just been 3 weeks since I moved back to Mumbai from Bangalore (with a week in between in Assam), but I already miss the city which I otherwise found boring while there - ah well, you know - the grass is always greener on the other side ;) In no particular order, here's what I'll miss badly...
  • Lalbagh Botanical Gardens - Simply beautiful - would offer something new every week!
  • My bachelor pad :)
  • Haggling with the autorickshaw guys - oh it's a royal freakin' pain
  • Sangria nights at Olive Beach
  • Sunny's Special Blue Cheese Salad at, well, Sunny's
  • Roadside food at V.V. Puram and Chikpet
  • Brigade Road, Church Road and M.G. Road - my daily haunts
  • The St.Mark's Road Barista which perhaps has the best interiors I've seen for a cafĂ©
  • The Coffee World at Mota Arcade which reminded me of Central Perk. By the way although they are not as popular as Barista and Cafe Coffee Day I rate them the best!
  • Microsoft colleagues and acquaintances! Made so many awesome friends here :)
  • Friday morning break-feasts at the office pantry. The only day I used to reach on time. Sometimes.
  • The Cha Bar, Barista, Oxford Bookstore, Spa and Athena at The Leela
  • The gorgeous view and the expanse at Ista
  • The lazy Sunday brunches with friends - Oberoi, Chancery Pavilion, Casa Del Sol
  • Taika's awesome dance floor - although they don't allow you to dance anymore!
  • SoCare - an NGO all of us visited and spent a day with kids. Wish I spent more time :(
  • Breakfasts at Koshy's and Konark (highly recommended)
  • A million restaurants - Bangalore is truly a foodie paradise!
  • 3Storys - Amazing homely restaurant on Lavelle Road with a Goa -like ambience and the yummiest coastal cuisine which'll leave you smacking your fingers. They didn't bribe me to say this really :) Recommendations: Fish meal, 'bibinca', 'dodol' (desert), kadlai curry
  • Walking from the Airport Road to Shantinagar frustated with autorickshaws who wouldn't stop for a fare or overcharge. That's a cool 7 kms. At least.
  • Inox, Lush, CookieMan, Tresspass and pretty much all of Garuda Mall
  • Hint, Bombay Blue, Namma MTR (now closed) at Bangalore Central
  • Weekend getaways which were just a thought away from the city
  • Magazines - My favorite store which sells virtually every mag under the sun (Church St.)
  • The awesome bookstores - Blossoms, Crossword, Oxford, Higginbothams... tons more!
  • More restaurants - 100Ft. Boutique, The Beach, Cosmo Village, Biryani Merchant (closed)
  • .... and last but most importantly... all the fantastic people I met and made friends!
Bangalore through my lens - Click here for my photoblog on Flickr.


Melody said...

:) Well let's hope one day you'll have a ton of great things to write about Mumbai city too... it's really quite a happening place ya know... give it a bit of time, it'll grow on ya...

janani said...

hmmmm u left out on icecream at Corner House n Pecos- dosai n chicken curry!

enigma said...

How abt things you DONT miss abt Bangalore? Just curious :)

Kaushal said...

@ Melody - Haha :) You probably thought I'm just moving to Mumbai - nope. I'm a Mumbaikar since birth! Was in Bangalore for 2 years and moving back. If I start talking about Mumbai I'll need a new blog!

@ Janani - Wow, yes! Corner House ROCKS! Especially the French Apple Cake with whipped cream. Hubba hubba. Not been to Pecos.

@ Enigma - :) I ain't no enigma, so I've let it all out!

Kaushal said...

@ Enigma - Actually I sure as hell don't miss the traffic and rickshaws and crowds. Most other things I do miss!

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