February 15, 2007

Take My Breath Away (not!)

I'm not gonna forget this year's valentine's day I think - it took my breath away - literally. Persistent cough for 4 weeks coupled with carrying the last box (~30+ kg?) 4 storeys up all led into major bodyache, a sore chest and flu! So I was in bed all day holding on to dear heart and wishing no one tries to steal it this year. As this pretty lady seems to be emoting in this lovely pic captured by her dad Yogi "So thats what all the brouhaha about V-Day is? Bleh!" Post scriptum: I'm not dead yet. :)


Nick said...

Get well soon, Kau!

Isha D said...

Hey, mine was a terrible one too..broke my leg :(ouch it does hurt...
so hows the sputum machine doin now..hope its resting well now..

Take care!!

Melody said...

Heya! Hope you're feeling better already (that was like a month ago!) Why no posts for so long?

Kaushal said...

@ nick - thanks pal

@ isha - still as bad! i'm convinced its the pollution. was alright while i was out of the city.

@ mel - negative. just back from Bhutan (blog post coming up!) where i was in super shape even in subzero temperatures and high altitude but back in mumbai the cough persists. blood tests reveal a low eosinophilic count and a friend tells me pollution is to blame. i'm not surprised and will visit le docteur soon!

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