August 11, 2004

The Fun Republicans - Take 2

JOURNEY Today was the second day of the Zee's unnamed Reality TV Game Show. The 2 teams were supposed to report to 'Fun Republic' - a hangout at Andheri at 9:30 am.

10 o'clock passed and still no call from the car which was supposed to pick me up. Finally they called at 10:30 (the car had a puncture on the way). It was my teammates Aru & Jenny and Karthik from the opp. team. We were all in a fresh mood as today wouldn't be as boring as yesterday. Compare Fun Republic to Chor Bazaar! It continued to rain mildly.

Somewhere near JW Marriott, Karthik had a brilliant idea - "Why don't we stop over at Alfredo's for a cuppa cappuccino?!" - "Rrrright, we nodded", fully aware that we're gonna be more grounded than the coffee after we reach so late.

DETOUR Alfredo's served great food, so we decided to order some. Karthik and me had a beer, some salad, pasta and some garlic bread. The crew calls. Aru thrusted his phone quickly to Karthik who coolly told them we'll be there in a jiffy. We moved on after the full breakfast. The time? Past 12:30 :) Finally we reached our destination.

We were quickly briefed. The crew was mad, but not quite as we expected. We were blissfully sure they took enough time to setup their cameras too.

The rest of the day was full of fun, doing crazy things we would never do in a theatre (can't disclose all the details till the show is officially announced). But scenes included the 6 of us going up and down the escalators - what fun, and getting paid for it :) besides some promo shots and doing some quick sound bytes.
[will fill in game details here later]

Some interesting moments:
  • I stopped one of the elevators. Wonder how you start them back :)
  • Aru goes to the loo atleast a dozen times - to do his hair
  • Jenny carried a heavy bag - containing food (theplas) for us (learning from yesterday's ughy sandwiches)

Needless to say, our team - JAK won! We took home 800 bucks. Quite modest, but not bad for having fun most of the time. And making fun new friends like Aru, Jenni and Karthik!

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