August 04, 2004

24 till I die!

  • Last nite at 11, buddies Manish n Kapil picked me up from work.
  • Went to Kalpana at Worli Naka. (Huh?) - Oh well, what's in a name? Food's great. Try it.
  • Downed a bit of my new fave, Old Monk. Starters were OK dokey.
  • Main course was some veggies. Don't ask me names. But the Dal Tadka ROCKED!
  • 3rd August, 11:50 pm - I'm tellin the fellas about Fahrenheit 9/11
  • First call, bro. Plays the smarts. Calls at 11:58 so he can get through the lines.
Holycanoley I'm 24!
  • A barrage of SMSes. Manish, Vanali, Prashant, Kamal, Lincoln.
  • Sameer calls. Checkes where I am and till when I'm hanging around. Wishes, hangs up.
  • Avinash does ditto. Dinner done, we decide to move on.
  • No sooner am I out of the premises, than I see myself blindfolded.
  • Someone pounces on me.
"Happy Birthday To You.... Happ....
"Stop it Manish, Kaps. Don't act like kids".
As soon as I open my eyes I realise - I'm surrounded by the WHOLE gang. All of them! Sam, Avi, Rakesh, Raxit, Prashant!! So well it figures - Sam and Avi calling me up to check where I was. The planned surprise! :D

With 2 cars, we then headed to Worli Seaface. The folks had got a cake along. Had an awesome time there with the cake and all the friends. Thanks a ton fellas - this was the bestest gift ever!

By 1, we headed home. She calls. :)

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