August 11, 2004

Roll camera... action!

I've never experienced the feeling of being under the guillotine, but I think it's not too different from doing a day's shoot. In front of the cameras. Reached the shoot at the given time of 11:00 am sharp - turned out it was chaos.
I was the only person on time. People started turning up only after 12.
Including our co-ordinator-cum-hostess, Kalpana.
We were supposed to be 2 teams of 3 each.
Avadhi (ironically meaning 'time' or 'limit') was there since 11. But had to leave.
Shruti was there. But had to leave.
Kapil didn't have to leave. Coz he never made it. His bank went bankrupt.
Jay made us all wait. Coz he didn't reach on time.

Finally to form the 2 teams, Kalpana had to approach these young lovebirds in Barista. They enthusiastically agreed and then the gal started asking me all the questions she didn't ask Kalpana. Meet Aru(nachal) and Jen(nica).

So it was them + me, versus 3 other guys - Karthik, Jay and dunnohisname.

Our task - Purchase books worth a 1000 bucks, a basketball, a Mercedes emblem, vinyl records and an antique fan today - and sell it tomorrow in a mall - for a profit! The team which makes the higher profit wins. Zimple.

The shoot was over only by 8 - phew! Was it tiring or what. More on the details later. I'm not supposed to talk about it much.

While travelling back home by train, a strange thing happened. The train halted a little before the Charni Road station. They applied emergency brakes. People were peering outside to sneak a peek. What transpired was that a kid was just saved after he fell off the platform. For a moment there... everyone around just touched their heart and head - thanking God for averting a disaster.

Reminded me of the intro lines of the fantastic movie Love Actually...

General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed - but I don't see that - seems to me that love is everywhere.

Goodnight! Tomorrow's another hectic shoot!

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