August 04, 2004

Birthday Buoy!

No typo up there. Why buoy? Aah well, just like every year it rained like there's no tomorrow on 4th August. It's my birthday signature! And when rains lash Mumbai, God save - well, himself.

Woke up to a small celebration at home with family. Another cake! Bring it on!

Reached office and as expected, the compound was full of ankle-deep water. Ughy water. The bindaas acrobat executive that I am, I jumped across the parapets and walls around and reached mostly dry, with the exception of a part-wet sock. More ughness.

Had a superlazy day and soaked in all the... hey where's the sun? OK, wishes will do for now.

Everyone was waiting for cakesplashing time. When it came, no part of my face was spared. Thankfully, the brand new shirt was spared. I looked picture perfect. Faceload of cake with a cherry to top! Will post pics tomorrow.

Wish count: About 15 SMSs, 20 calls, 12 e-mails, 25 messages on my Ryze. (And still filling as of 11:53 pm) Damn, I'm feelin good. Hey, I'm a natural Leo. Being full of myself is a trait. I didn't choose it ;)

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