August 10, 2004

Keep walking...

Watched a fun movie yesterday - Eurotrip. A la American Pie - so expected stuff, but good entertainment. And oh, I love the way the 'map' is shown, plus the wacky music. Good fun with friends. Rentable.

After watching the movie, I think (1) I agree with Cooper about Europe. (2) The Bratislavan tourism industry is gonna flourish. Besides Amsterdam's.

Later afternoon, had some awesome Parsi food at this quaint place called 'Snack Shack', supposedly the only Parsi cuisine in Bandra. Grilled chicken sandwich and chicken biryani - 100 bucks. Not bad eh? Oh and a Thums Up. And curd. Good deal. Highly recommended. Next time, kulfi :)

Now I'm gonna share a little secret to 'destress' oneself. No i'm not contending to be the next Deepak Chopra. Sit straight n listen up, punk! - It's something I did today. In the middle of the maddening city crowds and traffic... just keep walking around quietly at your own pace or sprint. With the world around you whizzing by and you in your own trance, with a smile on your face and not a care in the world... it's awesome!

Meeting Shruti, Kaps and Kalpana for an interesting event. Details classified for now. The most I can say - reality TV show. Watch this space! ;)

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