May 07, 2007

My Bookshelf

My Bookshelf
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From left to right...

* Some work-related media
* Bruce Lee's Fighting Method (not read a single page)
* Profile of the Perfect Person (not read a single page)
* Fit For Life (not read a single page)
* A.N.Shanbagh - In The Wonderland of Investment (read about 20 pages)
* Kris Cole - Crystal Clear Communication (1/4th done)
* Do not dig a grave and bury your career (not read a single page)
* Pleasure Zone (not read a single page)
* The Skill of Self Management (read a few pages)
* The Art of Self Defence (not read a single page)
* Yogasanas (reference)
* London (just bought this today!)
* Kishore Biyani - It Happened in India (half way through. AWESOME read!).
* Maverick! (finished reading. Highly recommended)
* Maldives (reference, for going there!)
* Web Marketing in a week (not read a single page)
* Pooja Lulla - Angel and a Half (author is a friend. read a few chapters. fun!)
* Business Plans in a week (reference)
* The Present (not read a single page)
* Screw It, Let's Do It (screw this book. pick up the autobiography instead)
* Every Man (read a few pages. great guide for every man, really)
* The Big MOO (finished. interesting, inspiring)
* Japanese Phrases (konnichiwa! Eigo o hanashi masuka?)
* Balancing Life & Work (dont have time for it)
* APJ Abdul Kalam (President of India) - Ignited Minds (not read a single page)
* Learn Kannada (learning. swalpa swalpa)
* Learn Gujarati in a month (ee pan thodu thodu avdech)
* Learn Japanese (watashi wa Kaushal san!)
* M Scott Peck, MD - The Road Less Travelled (finished. great book for anyone)
* Richard Branson - Losing My Virginity (finished in Goa - LOVED the book)
* Rich Dad, Poor Dad (finished in Goa. fantastic read for learning about money)
* some movies in a box, Batman, memento from Microsoft
* Bottom - The 10 Day MBA, 101 Things to do before you Die (fun fun fun!), Freud for Beginners, Japanese for Dummies, B&W photos, razor, some movies).

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sakthi said...

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2)Akio Morita (Sony Founder)
..these two books are excellent pieces i ever came across...
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