July 05, 2006

I is for Indulgence

I have a confession to make. I've been having this whirlwind romance with good food lately, and today it reached its point of climax. Then again climax seems like a weightless word in comparison.

"OK bub, what in the name of sweet devil are you talking about?"

Patience, perky patron! Great stories are never told climax first. Aaah, that word again. OK fine, let's cut the clutter and get to the point...

Had the most amazing salad today at Sunny's. "Huh, salad? Pthooey!"
Aah, now not just normal salad that. They call it Sunny's Salad with Blue Cheese. I call it heaven's gate. The Big O. Bliss on a plate.

Follow this with a rightly-observed aphrodisiac - the tiramisu. And what have you? Poetry in motion. Hedonism to the max baby!

I'm flying. You're zonked. Get back to work.


Amit said...

Tiramisu is my favorite as well! It's fantabulous. A swig of Chenin Blanc ( I tried a Sula) before works wonders.

MellowDrama said...

Hey Kau its dead easy to make, Anand makes it :) Btw are you and Rush-me coordinating blog entries :P

Kakan banerjee said...

Food!! The most sinfullest indulgence one can come across with deadly combinations like the ones u mentioned anyone can go moon walking buddy..!!
You should try the caesar sald at big chill ind elhi ..with lindt chocolate mocha shake .. !!

ashutosh said...

Food- hmmmmm.....or should I say ummmmm ! Try the desserts @ Fiorana in Koramangala.

Olive Beach has thr most awesome salads......their Ceaser is authentic.

cheers to gluttony

Kaushal said...

@ Amit - Thanks for the suggestion! Will surely try it next time :)

@ Rama - Whoa! I'm coming to Vizag already!

@ Kakan - Noted! Thanks for the tip :) i dont know too many places in Delhi.

@ Ashutosh - Never been to Fiorana - will check it out, thanks! Olive Beach just rocks. I still have to do their Sunday brunch which is highly recommended.

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