July 01, 2006

Caveat Emptor!

That's Latin for 'buyers beware' and although it is typically a term applicable when you want to emphasise on the consumer's choice of free will and good quality products, it applies to spendthrifts like me who make impulsive buying decisions almost all the time! Today I spent a load of my hard-earned moolah on homethings and media (my other favorite expense after food). I say media because I don't like to differentiate books, magazines, CDs and VCDs - it's all edutainment to me - and 'media' to the world.

The Media Shopping List
* School Notebook (Can't stay organized without one!)
* The Marketing Whitebook 2006 by Businessworld
* PC World India Edition, Issue 1 (Because I gotta have any mag's first issue)
* Music: Vikku Vinayakram - The Great Potter (fusion)
* Music: Kadri Gopalnath - Dream Journey 4 (Saxophone/carnatic)
* Movie: Tom Dick and Harry - lame ass comedy. I have a thing for this genre.
* Movie: Around The World in 80 Days
* Movie: Holiday - Seemingly interesting coming-of-age movie by Pooja Bhatt
* Movie: Replikate - Guy clones hot girlfriend. Ali Landry. Don't need more reasons
* Video: Bollywood Bodies - Workout with John Abraham - Yeah OK. I hear you. Heck at least I dont give up!

Finished reading Richard Branson's autobiogrpahy, 'Losing My Virgnity' - One of the BEST books I've ever read and would surely recommend it to anyone who has an iota of entrepreneurial spirit or otherwise.
Now reading 'Maverick!' by Ricardo Semler.

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