October 24, 2004

Got Flickr?

I've been Flickr-ing for the past week and everytime I try it, I find a cool new feature. Today I tried FlickrLive which is taking chat to the next level with real-time photo sharing, instant-buddy, private messaging and more. See the screenshot for more. It offers the kind of communication and customisation which only Opera and Google has given us so far.

These guys are doing a fantastic job of creating a robust community around photo sharing. I've tried it all - Webshots, Yahoo! Photos, Ofoto... nothing compares to the flexibility and usability of Flickr. I'm almost sounding like a brand evangelist now. If you still don't get the message and don't join the site, I don't think I should say anything further.

Look out for Flickr - it's the next buzzword!

Psst... Check out the cool thing on the sidebar of my blog. Shows random pics from me and my friends.

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