October 27, 2004

Nick Gray arrives in India!

Nick Gray, a great friend I made via Ryze and his blog arrived in India today! Over the next 3 months, Nick plans to explore the REAL India (mind you he's not your average ordinary traveler seeking 'sightseeing' spots) and explore the possibilities of forming a team for his project, BuddyGopher.

I reached to pick up Nick from the airport, in a bit of a mad hurry but surprisingly managed to be only 15 minutes late.

It was close to 11 pm and we had no idea about his accommodation but I had a few hotel numbers I had narrowed down on. Finally we decided to go for Hotel Parkway at Shivaji Park.

Nick made a quick call to his folks, we had a quick dinner at Gypsy Chinese and then he showed me the zillion goodies he got for me!