July 11, 2004

Phoenix Takes Flight

The little bird... no, big bird tells me there's some big time changes happening at Phoenix. Copper Chimney comin' up in place of Fire & Ice for sure. And then, this whole 'Sky Zone' being formed out of all the shoppertainment centers. Basically, an overhead 'bridge' which will connect all the arcades. Plus another elevator/capsule lift near Funkie Orbits. Sounds fantastic... Can't wait for the cinema complex until 2006 either! The ITC Grand Maratha at 'Upper Worli' (in the words of Neeraj Roy) is also shaping up grand and if that doesn't make you want to call Lower Parel "Upper Worli", you're really flying low. Take flight, buddy. Learn from Phoenix!

On a personal note, had a great day. Work was relaxed, the internal shuffling of places was fun, contrary to wot I expected. Then joined ole pals for this scrumptious Marwari dinner at Bhagat Tarachand in Kalbadevi. I had 3 scoops of butter on 3 rotis. Surprisingly, I didn't bloat or anything. It was quite nice in fact! The meal was simply awesome - fingerlickin' good!

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