July 18, 2004

Life is beautiful

Just saw the movie with the same title. Please watch it. Because it helped me learn something I had almost forgotten. Maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of a crisis. I don't know if I picked up to see the move because of today's incidents or something mysteriously made me watch it. Whatever it was, it made all the difference I needed. It made me cry. And smile. And appreciate life the way it is. Suddenly reminded me back of Dr.Scott Peck's teachings.

Have you ever been through a crisis and smiled through it? I did. But today, I couldn't. Not because of the series of events, but more so because I was losing my own essence. I think it's time to put my learnings into action. Ameliorate. Get back myself. And then talk about making a difference.

To change 'Things are gonna be OK' to 'Things are beautiful the way they are. Live the moment'.

Sorry about the cryptic post. It's not for you. It's for me.