October 05, 2008

Updates coming...

I owe all my readers a mega load of posts about my travels. Been writing it down in a physical blog, so will surely upload it all soon (a blog redesign is also on the cards), with photos! Salud, desde Quito!

Appreciating Andean music


Melody said...

Dude, how cute are you in that pic??!!

Come home soon already!! We're all mega j of you!



Anonymous said...

I really like the travel parts of your blog - Bhutan for example is a must see for me.

In fact, it really sucks when you get just so much leave from work each year. I'd really like to take a lot more time off - like a few months or so - and really go north, see the Himalayas, etc. But I guess I can't do that without leaving my job altogether ;-)

Freak Goddess said...

OMG u look even cuter!


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