December 04, 2007

Novelty Follows Loyalty

Just like a relationship guru would advice a couple who've celebrated more than 3 anniversaries on 'how to bring back that spark in their relationship', I think there are marketing gurus who think not much differently.

The other day, I was browsing through a local Sarvodaya and was intrigued by variants of some familiar brands.

Close Up Flavilicious

First reaction - flavi-wtf? Whatever! Being a 'connoisseur of brands', I had to pick it up and play guinea pig for the marketers and the greater good of humankind. The Close Up folks have come out with 2 'limited edition' flavored toothpastes - Luscious Lychee and Tangerine Burst. I've started using the Tangerine, and quite like it in the mornings, but I prefer the classic Red before bed. Lychee is too err... pink for me to even look at the box. Will leave it for the sis. And if you are someone from Unilever reading this, I have some suggestions - how about a chocolate flavor?!

Some interesting observations about the packaging and the product:
  • The brand is seemingly so well established, that besides in the textual description, there is no mention of the word 'toothpaste' on the box!
  • There's a 'do not swallow' instruction :) Hehe. Good advice, since you may forget it's toothpaste!
Taj Mahal Dessert Teas

'Pamper Yourself', says the ad campaign. And indeed, this serious competitor to the cafe mocha makes friends with your taste buds - as soon as you've had your first sip. Priced at Rs.40 for 5 sachets, it comes at a premium, but one that I wouldn't mind paying for. It's still cheaper than a cappuccino and most importantly - I would give it a 10 on 10 on the brand+product experience, which begins at the very sight of the packaging. Housed in a very well designed triangular carton are 5 triangular pod sachets. The box opens easily, so do the sachets. And all it takes is adding a cup of hot water to make yourself a sinful cup of dessert tea. I had picked up the vanilla flavor, and it was definitely better than I had expected. Rich and creamy, without an iota of artificial taste - perfectly blended. Highly recommended (by a self proclaimed tea lover)!


Only Shruti said...

Hey Kaushal! I'm an Indian in Brisbane, and a lover of interesting gourmet teas! Your post makes this dessert tea sound so delightful, I've just sealed an order of a few packets to be air freighted to me by my mum.
Are you sure Tata will not pay you a commission on this sale?!!

taureandude_23 said...

hey Kaushal
Close Up can afford not to write the term toothpaste on its pack, as the name is synonymous with toothpaste. their witty "kya aap close up karte haaaiiin" campaign has an immediate recall value amongst the consumers.

well packaging is the name of the game. everyone knows the product. unless the customer is an extreme brand loyalist, he will go for something thats attractive. Packaging has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. a case in point is soft drink bottles' packaging.

Taj Mahal has always been associated with elegance. Zakir Hussain mouthing "Wah Taj!" may not ring a bell amongst todays gen x as it did when we were kids. So they get Saif. Dessert tea sounds a good option. should definitely try it out. Methinks competition from coffee brands like Bru's Cappucino which come in sachets have forced Taj to come up with this. At 40 bucks for 5 sachets, even the pricing is similiar!

take care

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