June 10, 2007

Mumbai Bloggers Meet Notes

Just back from a fun bloggers meet at Seijo. Made possible by the wonderful 'partners in crime', Melody and Sakshi Juneja. Thank you ladies. Thou rocketh.

For me, making it to the meet was probably an adventure in itself! Till late evening, I had (a) a TON of work and things to do, (b) a new project coming in which I declined (beat this - a simulation of a porn website for a movie scene which was to be shot this morning! I told my prospective client how they could do it themselves) and the best part... (c) an empty bank balance! (long story). Finally around 11, I just got out of the house with 60 bucks in my wallet and 'dropped in' at the ATM. Miracle of miracles! A cheque of just enough amount had cleared just in time :D Phew! Off to the bloggers' meet...

Random Notes

  • For turning up at 11 for a party that started at 8 pm, I wasn't too late!
  • The Indian blogosphere is replete with beautiful ladies :)
  • Bloggers are not necessarily party animals. They tend to stand in a circle.
  • Suggestion to Saks & Mel: Bonfire next time?
  • Seijo IS expensive. Friggin' expensive. Old monk + Thums Up = Rs.360!
  • The G-string has arrived in India. Hallelujah! (an 'outsider' unfortunately)
  • Sakshi goes into a 'loop' and repeats stuff after tripping on long islands. :D
  • That tune stuck in my head is apparently Bob Sinclar (Zookies). Got MP3?
  • The one thing everyone agreed in the end: Mumbai rocks!

Met a lot of fun people and made some interesting friends tonite!
Melody (The Voice in My Head), Sakshi Juneja (To Each Its Own), Shiju Thomas, Amit Varma (India Uncut), Divya (Chronicus Skepticus), Akshay Mahajan (Trivial Matters), Gaurav (Gauravonomics), Sumit (Twisted Difference), Piyush Bedi and Pankaj (2 fundoo friends of Sakshi).

Overheard "I'll have sex with you on top of the Taj Mahal!"
- Non-drunk girl to happy girl


Sakshi said...

"Sakshi goes into a 'loop' and repeats stuff after tripping on long islands" - WTF !!!! Are you implying that I was D***k??

Bob Sinclar, the song is "World Hold On"...will mail you the MP3.

My two friends - Piyush and Pankaj.

And I am glad to have finally met you. :)

Sumit said...

Hey, you came in and just a while later I had to leave. Till next time then...

vijayendra said...

Err... sorry unrelated comment. But your template is awesome. Wasn't at the meet if ur trying to place the face. :)

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