March 07, 2006

Everyone's a-hiring!

Time and again I feel like I'm a job exchange bureau! And there's never been a better time for new media jobs. So if you're looking for one right now, click thru these links. Besides these, I have a friend who's looking for Sr./Jr. Graphics folks and Art Directors to work in Dubai. Drop me a mail if you're interested on that: [myfirstname]

Here's some more cool jobs in the market in companies I admire...

JAM Magazine (Mumbai)
  • Flash Animators
  • Senior Ad Sales Exec.
  • Part Time Cartoonist
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Web Programmer (ASP)
  • Full Time Writer
  • Assistant Editor
  • Exec. - DB & Mktg Support

Indiagames (Mumbai)
  • Accounts Executive / Assistant Manager / Manager
  • Senior Programmer
  • 3D Brew Programmer
  • 3D J2ME Programmer
  • Mobile Platform Product / Systems Manager

Opera Software (Chandigarh)

  • Web Opener India (MarCom)
  • Software Tester India

plaNETsurf (Bangalore)
  • Project Lead
  • Programmers
  • Web Designers
  • Copy Editors/Feature Writers, Copy Writers
  • Flash Scripting Specialist

Communicate2 (Mumbai/Dubai)
  • Perl Developers (6 posts)
  • PHP Developers (8 posts)
  • Web Designer (8 posts)
  • Graphic Designer (2 posts)
  • Admin (2 posts)
  • (Google AdWords) PPC Professionals *NEW
  • Customer Relationship Manager (4 posts)

LevelUp Games India (Mumbai)
  • Web Developer
  • Executive Assistant to Managing Director
  • Business Development Executives (Mumbai)
  • Asst. Manager – Sales Operations

BCWebWise (Mumbai)
  • Web Developer
  • Flash ActionScript Programmer

Rediff (Mumbai)
  • Senior Internet Application Developer
  • Senior Desktop Application Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Manager - Advertising Sales
  • Manager - Business Operations
  • Business Managers/Assistant Managers

More.... Microsoft India | Google India | AgencyFAQs Listings

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