January 10, 2005

A high-five to 2005!

This is the year I've been waiting for. The one which I have pre-christened as my personal best year. A lot of innocent people in South East Asia who may have nursed similar dreams were mercilessly tucked away to bed, put forever to sleep by a ghastly blanket of the sea on Dec 26, 2004. So this year instead of going out and partying wild with friends, I decided to form a team of volunteers to visit affected areas in India and do what we could do best. We came back with lingering memories, a renewed zest for life, a passion to do something bigger than the short-term assistance we could offer there and spiritually unified. What better way to start off the new year?! While I continue to work on that, I'm realigning myself as an individual with an improved psycho-spirituo-somatic self to truly make this the best year for myself and touch as many lives and enrich each other. 2005 to me is about amelioration, redux, new frontiers. Cheers!

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